We host a wide variety of workshops and retreats from an inspiring array of practitioners, who come to Veduna to share their knowledge.

Events range from one day art, walking, breathwork and permaculture events to week long immersive journeys, courses and detox programmes.

Please do take a look at the events below and we hope you find something of interest. If you would like further information, do get in touch.
Please note, most of the events listed are run by independent practitioners.

Retreats & Workshops
Nature Retreat, 15th - 20th September 2023

On retreat there will be a daily vinyasa Class and we will start every morning with meditation and breathwork. In the evening we will either practice nourishing yin yoga or develop and deepen our practice with a yoga workshop. All Sessions are for mixed levels with options for all, beginners are welcome. The classes will be strengthening, re-energizing and nourishing with dynamic and restorative yoga sessions in which you can follow your own rhythm.

Retreat Into Nature Yoga & Meditation Based, 24th - 30th September 2023

Take this time to enter into a journey within yourself, and find inspiration in nature on a week-long retreat in the mountains of Slovenia. Connect with your breath, free your mind and nurture your body to tune into your deeper self. Set on 23 hectares of lush organic farm land surrounded by enchanting woodlands and wild meadows, this energetically charged space is the perfect getaway to rejuvenate the senses and recharge your soul. Partake in sunrise meditation, a morning hatha yoga to energize you, daily self-nurturing activities and restorative evening yoga practice to help you sleep like a baby.

THE MAJESTY OF YOU: Dharma Yoga Retreat & Nature Immersion, 6th – 8th October 2023

Join us for a weekend of reconnecting and recharging yourself at a beautiful eco retreat centre in Slovenia immersed in a wild nature. Dive into Yourself through a deep daily practice of Dharma Yoga with Dragana Yogini, a longtime Dharma Yoga (E-RYT 500) and Hatha-Vinyasa (E-RYT 200) teacher, based in Zagreb, Croatia.
Take a break from the everyday rush, take a time for yourself and to simply „be“. This weekend is your space to switch off, to let go what does not serve you, to reconnect to your deepest inner strength and a heart inteligence through the practice of yoga and reconnection with nature.
Our daily practice will include various techniques of Hatha and Dharma Yoga: asanas, pranayamas, meditation, sound baths and yoga nidra – a carefully designed, powerful program for bringing you back to your centre and rediscovering your perfect inner balance; for rejuvenating your body and settling your mind into silence.
Dragana will also lead you through the alchemy of forest therapy, where you will deeply connect with the forest and nature on a subtle level to rediscover yourself.

A KIND OF ALCHEMY, 14th – 20th October 2023

Meditation, Mindful Movement & Creativity Gathering
We'll be practicing mindful movement, yoga, breathwork and meditation.
Throughout the week we'll also explore our creativity and see which shapes and patterns we express through the use of natural dyes and pigments that we will forage and manufacture together. This magical process will unfold under the guidance by the Italian artist Chiara Leto.
More info on the link below.

Slow Down, Yoga Retreat im Herbst, 25th – 29th October 2023

Lass uns die Kraft dieser Jahreszeit gemeinsam nutzen, um uns auf körperlicher, geistiger und seelischer Ebene etwas Gutes zu tun. Die Elemente begleiten uns auf der Reise zu unserer Mitte. In diesem Yoga-Retreat bewegen wir uns gemeinsam, finden durch die Bewegung Ruhe in uns, pflegen die Verbindung zu uns Selbst. In verschiedenen Workshops kannst du dich spüren, entfalten, neu entdecken, dich vollkommen dem hingeben, was dir guttut. Mit (bewegten) Meditationen, täglich zwei Yoga-Einheiten, Workshops, Tanz, Musik und passivem Yoga (Nuad Thai) schaffen wir Entspannung im Körper und Ordnung im Geist.

SHAMANISM, DYING, AND BEYOND, 2nd - 5th November 2023

Using shamanic techniques to better understand death, dying and beyond
From a shamanic point of view, physical death does not represent the end of life, but is a major transition, a transformation in the best sense of the word. Coming to terms with one’s own dying and death enables shamans to support other people in dealing with these fundamental experiences. Shamans mediate between the living in ordinary reality and the souls of the deceased in non-ordinary reality. Furthermore, if the deceased cannot find their way onwards by themselves and need assistance (psychopomp work), then shamans guide these souls to a good place.
Participants in this workshop deal with shamanic cosmology in depth. They become familiar with the process of dying from a shamanic point of view and develop an understanding of what happens to the essence of the human being – the soul – after death. Finally, they learn how the shamanic accompaniment of processes of death and grief can look in practice and how to do psychopomp work.

Retreat Razkošje Tišine, 10th - 12th November 2023

Izredna priložnost za umik vase. Predah od vsakodnevnih aktivnosti, predah od nepotrebnega hrupa, v podpori čiste narave na sanjskem Veduna Retreat centru. Tako lahko vso pozornost izključno posvetim mirnemu in preciznemu opazovanju sebe.
Umik v tišino se zdi nujen del raziskovanja svoje resnične Biti.
Subtilnejše ravni zaznavanja zahtevajo subtilnejšo pozornost in več prisotnosti. Toliko je še namreč skritega v meni, kar sicer ne opazim, pa je ves čas tu, in vpliva na moje počutje, odločitve, kvaliteto življenja, bivanja.
Kdo sem? Kaj ostane, ko odvržem vse vloge v življenju in opazujem le svoj dih?
Kaj čutim in kako na to odreagiram?
Kaj počnem v življenju zavestno, kaj pa upravlja nezavedni avtopilot?
Zmorem to sploh razločiti?
Dandanes je ČAS najdragocenejša komponenta življenja. A šele, ko se resnično ustavim, lahko izkusim Razkošje miru in časa - življenja samega. In ravno to je darilo tega Retreata.

JOGA ODDIH, 24th - 26th November 2023

Oddih, odklop in odmik od vsakdana?
Če se začutiš ob teh besedah, pridi po svojo izkušnjo in se pridruži Wellea vikend joga oddihu.
Program in informacije na spodnji povezavi

Winter Inner Sanctuary Retreat: Yoga & Meditation in Slovenia, 26th February - 2nd March 2024

Winter is the perfect time for slowing down, turning in, reflecting and re-charging. In line with the season we’ll practice gentle flow yoga, meditation and savour the luxury of quietness with a full silent day to rest the social self and re-charge our minds, bodies and hearts.
Join us for this nourishing week of immersing yourself in the stunning mountains of Slovenia with a deep daily practice of yoga and meditation in a supportive, friendly community.
This is your week to re-connect and re-charge. All sessions are optional, so you can take exactly what you need. There will be plenty of free time for reading, wandering through the trees, dipping / ice bathing in the natural pool, sauna, forest walks, napping…