"Veduna is a place of deep natural beauty, calm and relaxed energy and above all a place where the web of life is clearly intact. Thank you for creating a place for Sacred Ceremony, healing and prayer.”
Little Grandmother - Spiritual Teacher, Shaman & Wisdom Keeper


A centre of healing and learning in an environment that is so beautiful, peaceful and nurturing, so in rhythm with Nature, that even the deepest of wounds can be recognised and the healing process lovingly held and supported.

A space where new paradigms are pushed and deeper understandings are gained. Where we rekindle our connection to the land and reconnect with ourselves. For if we want to heal the world, we must seek to know ourselves first.

Creating a retreat

We invite inspiring practitioners, from all over the world, to share their knowledge, wisdom and experience. Please visit our Practitioners page.

Joining a retreat

Join one of the many retreats and workshops that are hosted through out the year on Veduna. You can view a listing of upcoming dates on our Events page.