We host a wide variety of workshops and retreats from an inspiring array of practitioners, who come to Veduna to share their knowledge.

Events range from one day art, walking, breathwork and permaculture events to week long immersive journeys, courses and detox programmes.

The Retreat Centre

There is plenty of space at Veduna and a wide variety of facilities available, all of which enjoy stunning views of the hills beyond. These include a large yoga and meditation studio and separate dining and relaxation area, with a wood burning stove and panoramic vista. The workshop, pottery studio and treatment rooms are available for the guests and practitioners to use, and the outside natural swimming pool and fire pit are perfect places to relax and enjoy Nature.

The Veduna buildings are built to low energy/passive house standards. Our retreat centre is of traditional design, made of local wood and built by craftsmen of the neighbouring towns.

Please do take a look at the events below and we hope you find something of interest. If you would like further information, do get in touch. Please note, most of the events listed are run by independent practitioners.

Retreats & Workshops
8 Day Yoga / Ski Retreat Feb 2nd - 9th & 9th - 16th, 2020

Perfectly positioned close to some of Slovenia’s most beautiful ski slopes, you will enjoy a yoga/ ski vacation that is focused on winter sports, daily yoga, rest and rejuvenation.

With 23 hectares of energetically powerful and intensely beautiful land, enchanting woodlands, wild meadows and private organic farm land, Veduna is the perfect setting for a winter retreat.

With daily yoga sessions that perfectly compliment the anatomy of winter sports, you will be guided in an energising morning practice and deeply nourishing and restorative evening practice.

Food on Veduna is organically grown, freshly picked and lovingly prepared. Whether from our soil or from local producers, serving food full of Prana is our passion.

Info & reservations: hello@vedunaretreats.com

Dancing Archetypes, March 20th - 22nd 2020

If you sometimes feel like something is boiling deep down, inside of you and you can't figure out what exactly it is, this 3 days internal journey is for you.

It may be the conflict, caused by inner dialoguing between archetypal patterns that seek out expression. And this workshop is offering you a method that will guide you into your intimate world, by facilitating a space to unplug for a while and nurture yourself with time to figure out yourself through movement.

Archetypes are universal patterns of behavior and are accessible to us through the illumination of unconscious. Through them we develop relationships with our essential being and develop the potential of our soul.

Exploring archetypes is bringing the language you were born knowing into your consciousness, to the surface.

By discovering archetypes as the lenses through which we can perceive the world symbolically, we can identify energies in ourselves from a detached point of view and clearly see where our motivations, fears, desires, passions and choices come from; allowing us to then make an informed and conscious decision versus running our lives on “default” mode.

Kundalini Yoga - Intensive Training for Leadership & Success Apr 25th - 30th, 2020

In this time of critical transition, the human facade is crumbling. Every strategy that was adopted in the past is now failing to work in our personal, social and business lives.
Now is the time to apply the Kundalini Yoga technology on a larger scale with its excellence and effectiveness in all areas of our lives.

Do you want to act and live your totality? Do you want to know who you are and why you are here? Do you want to move forward with inspiration, creativity and energy?

Know yourself and guide yourself on the path of fulfilment and success. Train yourself to lead your complete being and the others will come to follow you.

Decide to express your own divine potential and let health, prosperity, joy, happiness and success come to you.

Info & reservations: hello@vedunaretreats.com

HAPPY SOUL - Yoga Retreat, May 1st - 5th, 2020

Let your Heartfire shine!

In those five days you will have the space & time to fully dedicate yourself to fulfill your needs. We will start the day with energizing Flow Yoga classes to align your body, mind & soul with your very own energy. During the day you will have the opportunity to join aligned workshops, touching meditations, interesting nature hikes or simply relax and enjoy soothing massages.

The evenings will be filled with nurturing Yin Yoga, where you are invited to fully let go and come in contact with your Heartfire. Further heart-warming ceremonies, soulful mantra evenings and time to enjoy the rustic sauna are awaiting you.

I am looking forward to share deep & touching experiences with you!


Advanced Shamanic Journey in Slovenia, 15th - 17th May 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I want to personally invite you to the upcoming Shamanic Journey!

The Elders have asked us to go deeper and begin healing ourselves and our Mother Earth. You are now ready to step into the profound healing and growth that a more intense shamanic journey can offer. This intensive shamanic Journey is a very individual journey, where you can let go of many things and get in contact with your own higher destiny. I will accompany you all the way. We will be working with:

– Working on reaching a very deep meditational state in order to face your deepest fears and transform them.
– Working with the drum medicine
– Learning how to trust Mother Earth
– Healing old wounds and patterns to empowering one’s self
– Working with the spirits of the land and nature
– Fire, Earth and Water ceremonies in nature
– Better understanding of your life purpose
– Deeper understanding of sacred ceremony
– Working on trust and being able to ask for help

Little Grandmother Kiesha

For more info and registration: Sarah Djordjic, sara@luxury-intimate.com

EMpower - Heartbeat, residential 5day intensive, 8th - 13th June 2020

A deep journey into the landscape of the heart in a residential setting, supported by morning yoga, and evening chanting sessions to help us prepare for and integrate the work done.

Intimate group of max 25 participants will allow us to really take time and dive deep into our personal stories, issues and ultimately healing

We will explore the emotional world, taking time to resolve some old stored emotions, build our capacity to feel and be present with the whole spectrum of emotions, finally landing in a place of understanding their sacred tasks and gifts they have for us in daily life.

Moving from surviving the emotions into being empowered by them.

Led by Lucija Glagolić Hora

5 Day Nourishing Yoga Retreat, 20th - 25th June 2020

Retreats are an incredible way to be in a caring and thoughtful space, that allows you to explore aspects of your yoga practice, mediation and inner life without the distractions of day to day activities. Having longer practice times is transformative and in a lovely community to share that experience is enriching.

We will have 2 practice times a day, a morning one that is more flow orientated, but with an opening mediation/inquiry session, and a later afternoon yin yoga practice. The free times are yours to swim in the natural swimming pond, rest, walk on the property and just be. Delicious meals that are all grown locally will support your time there as well. Contact me for registration or for any more information needed.

Email: janine@spuoc.com

Women’s Yin Yoga Retreat, 18th - 24th Aug 2020

Imagine: 23 hectares of energetically powerful land, enchanting woodlands, wild meadows and organic farmland – all to ourselves to explore and enjoy! We will root down and experience the stability of the earth, breathe in the mountain air, flow with the energy of water, feel the inner alchemy of fire, and be held, as we are, in the element of space.

Dive deeper into your yin yoga practice and discover your own felt sense of each of the five elements. Learn how the specific healing properties of each element can support and empower you.

A week of inspiration.
A week of ultimate self-care.
A week to come back to yourself.

An experience that will stay with you long after this retreat.

Email: kirsten@impactyoga.nl


Join us for a nourishing week of immersing yourself in the stunning mountains of Slovenia with a deep daily practice of yoga and meditation.

Taking a week out of your usual schedule is a powerful way to come back to your centre and establish or deepen your practice, taking all the benefits home with you. And, especially if you haven’t discovered Slovenia yet, it’s a wonderful time to explore.

Our daily schedule will offer morning meditations at the most peaceful, 'sattvic' time of day, guided journaling and philosophy teachings to give you personal time to reflect, and a very complete yoga programme; both energising vinyasa and mindful slow flow to quiet the mind and rest deeply.

This is your week to re-connect and re-charge. All sessions are optional, so you can take exactly what you need. There will be plenty of free time for reading, wandering through the trees, swimming, sauna, reading, sun-bathing, forest-bathing, napping…

REGISTER & QUESTIONS: write to info@yogainenglish.berlin

Nourish and Restore Yoga Holiday, 6th - 11th Sept 2020

A rejuvenating 5 nights for you to melt away your stresses, rest and uplift, with all of your needs taken care of so that you can return home your fullest self, recharged and revitalised!

So you invest time reconnecting with yourself on the mat in yoga class. You might observe that it helps you to wash away the day's stresses, decompress, return to a little balance. But that lovely feeling doesn't always last. Partly because you’re then thrown right back into the real world. And so your practice helps you manage but rarely takes you further into a sustainable feeling of peace and balance.

Yoga holidays help you go deeper. Not to just do the minimum to keep stressors in check but take real time out so that the residual effect lasts into the year and beyond.

Lands Yoga

BACK TO NATURE – Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat, 15th - 20th Sept 2020

Enjoy a 5-day gateway in the beautiful mountains and raw nature of Slovenia with daily Yoga and Mindfulness, guided contemplations, sauna, long walks, healthy food, and rest.

The intention of this retreat is to deeply nourish, rejuvenate, and re-balance your Body, Mind, and Heart. You will also deepen or build up your yoga and mindfulness practice as a natural result of this retreat.

You can expect an inclusive, relaxed, and light-hearted atmosfere. Supported by the warmth and softness of the surrounding Slovenian nature, Cedric and his guest teacher will create a safe and sacred space so you can enjoy the retreat to its fullest.

Treat yourself with an unforgettable retreat, and reconnect to Source and yourself. All levels of practice, ages, nationalities, gender identities are warmly welcome.

Hearts & Eyes Wide Open, 3rd - 12th Oct 2020

The greatest spark for transformation starts with complete acceptance as you are. All the beauty of your luminous light and the shadows it casts. It is stepping into the awareness that these two energies work together, united in perfect harmony. This acceptance catapults you into the present moment of sweet surrender and unconditional love. It is from this space of having our hearts and eyes wide open that we enter into deep awareness and we realize that we are not broken. We realize that all the answers we seek already exist within and always have. We come to know that inside each and every one of us lies an unwavering joy and peace that we simply must choose to connect with, to remember.

Upon completion, for those who are affiliated with Yoga Alliance®, you will be able to submit the transformational retreat hours for Continuing Education Credits.

This transformational retreat is lead by Master Space Holder & Yogini, Katherine Sophia.

For more information or to book your space, contact YiA International on WhatsApp at +507-6630-3769 or visit www.go2yia.yoga

Summer 2019


Remove toxins and learn to listen to the body through specially created organic soups, fruit smoothies, protein drinks and walks in the wilderness.